Good morning, World!

15 04 2010

When even the administration at your university has a blog and you don’t, that says something about how behind the times I am.  I always hesitated because I thought blogs might be a reflection of conceitedness, and it also takes time to ensure that proper thought… and grammar are put into it.  I realize now that when I read other people’s blogs, I gain new perspectives and inspiration from them.  Surprisingly, a lot of blog posts relate directly to the decisions and thoughts that I’ve been having at that particular moment.  Not that I think I have anything especially profound to say, but if I can be part of one person’s shared experience, contribute to one person feeling less lonely in their struggles and their opinions, that would make me happy.  I also realize that a blog allows me to chronicle the evolution of my own thoughts and my own life, even if it’s just for myself…so ready or not, World, here comes June S.H. Lam.

P.S. I also love that my middle name + last name = shlam.  SHLAM!




2 responses

25 04 2010

Thanks for ze blog, the inspiration, and for reminding me to work on mine. Y’know.

This is why we are friends.


26 04 2010
Jocelyn Ling

Looking forward to reading about things that inspire you! Great job and keep it up!

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