The Blessing of Accepting the Inevitable (or How Debt and I Became Friends)

10 04 2011


For the longest time, I tried really hard to make sure I didn’t use my line of credit.  I tried to find different ways of enjoying life and cutting back on spending so that I could keep my finances in the black and stay afloat of accumulating any debt.

Debt, for some reason, has been ingrained into me as something to avoid at all costs.  At the cost of health, happiness, life.  It constantly stressed me out and I would sometimes not go out with friends or eat something that I wanted to, simply because of cost.

And then something happened.

I had to pay a $5,500 tuition bill for McGill for the summer portion of our first year in medicine.  This simple truth meant that there was no longer a way for me to stay afloat of debt.  Debt became inevitable.

And as a result?

I finally became free.  And happy.

It’s funny how hard sometimes we try to resist the inevitable. Instead of trying to deal with it in a positive way, the process of resisting can often be extremely detrimental: like an ostrich with his head in the sand, impervious to the reality happening around him, but constantly fearing and imagining what is out there.  The reality is often much less scary.

Lines of credit exist for medical students because there are going to be a lot of expenses, especially if we travel in third and fourth year for specialty rotations and residency interviews.  The fact is, though, banks decide to give out these lines of credit because they are confident that we will be able to pay it back.  They don’t tend to throw their money away, so it must mean that debt is simply a normal part of the career trajectory for a lot of future doctors.

It doesn’t mean that I won’t spend wisely and carefully from now on, but it also means that now I can enjoy life without constantly worrying about going into debt.

Because it’s going to happen, whether I decide to worry about it.  Or not.




2 responses

10 04 2011

Love this one! Good on ya pal.

10 04 2011

Thanks a lot for this June! I’m struggling with the same thing thinking about law school, good to know others are freaking out about it as well but coming to terms with student debt.

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