The Three Wishes Fulfilled by Becoming a Doctor.

12 06 2011


A family physician who returned to McGill for a 30-year reunion told us a few wishes that are fulfilled by becoming medical doctors.  Really, though, it’s more like three needs of ours that gets fulfilled:

1) The Puzzle-Solver.  Just like House, M.D., medical students are, by nature, curious creatures who like to understand and explore the human body, figure out illnesses, and navigate the uniqueness of human beings and our diseases.

2) The Fixer-Upper.  We like to help.  And feel needed. =).

3) The Soap Opera Star.  Have you seen Grey’s Anatomy?  It’s all about drama.  As doctors, we will have the privilege and responsibility of knowing intimate details about patients that very few, if any, others know, including close family members.  Medicine deals a lot with life and death considerations, serious repercussions, ethical dilemmas, and the complexities of interpersonal relationships, so it can be an intense career in those ways, and that’s sometimes just what we crave.

In short, medical students are individuals with needs, desires, and issues.  And we deal with our issues the only way we know how: by becoming doctors. =D.




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