6 09 2011

I suppose this was inevitable, but as much as I love writing in this blog, I feel that it is no longer as rewarding for me as it used to be.  It currently feels more like an obligation than an opportunity, and as such, I am going on hiatus, in hopes of trying to preserve whatever quality this blog had, and in hopes of not writing until I feel inspired and motivated to do so.  I also haven’t quite figured out how I will navigate blogging about patient stories while maintaining respect and privacy, so perhaps it’s best to wait before I blog again.

Anyway, here’s to focusing on living life fully right now, and perhaps writing about it later.




2 responses

2 10 2011

You blog has been a refreshing peek into the life of a future doctor. I admire the honesty you’ve put into your writing and the way you have shared your thought-process and your own light-bulb moments. I can definitely say that reading your blog has encouraged me to consider perspectives I wouldn’t have considered before, and I really appreciate that. While I am sad that this blog is on hiatus, I fully support your choice to focus on living life fully and hope that one day your blogging will (again) be relevant in your life as something that inspires and motivates you. 🙂

8 12 2011

Thank you so much for you comment – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I’m going to try to maintain the blog with shorter posts; we’ll see how that goes…!

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