Ten Things I Love About Australia

8 06 2013


1) Security at the airport takes 1 minute (especially for domestic flights and is quick even for international).  No taking off shoes, no cleaning out pockets, no taking off my jacket, and you are allowed to bring food, as many fluids as you want (shampoos and conditioners can be carried on!), and the officers are super nice.

2) Marsupials!  Everywhere!  Apparently locals find them nuisances because they sleep in backyards and front lawns.

From kangaroos…


…to kangaroo rats…=P

Kangaroo Rat

3) There is a nickname for everything (and it’s the same nickname): Brisbane = Brissy, Gladstone = Gladdy, Rockhampton = Rocky, and football = footy.

4) People are relaxed here.  Nobody takes themselves too seriously.  Doctors are addressed by their first names, and the Australians make fun of everyone, especially themselves.  Australians I have met have been incredibly generous and hospitable.

5) Medical specialties do not seem as rigidly defined.  For example, ENT surgeons can remove molluscum contagiosum from toes, fingers, etc; and general surgeons can do C-scopes and remove potentially cancerous skin lesions without fuss or the need to refer to someone else.

6) There are fun, beautiful towns and cities all along the east coast, each of them incredibly unique, so a whole different world is just a roadtrip or a quick plane ride away!  The diversity of each of the places I have been to is breathtaking.

7) Tanned, athletic, beautiful people everywhere in warm weather clothing.  Full stop.

8) “Cold” is 10 degrees in the middle of Winter……..but it does flood up to 10 meters here in certain areas occasionally.

9) People here tell me I have an accent =P.  Actually, I love the accents and the slang here.  People actually sound like they do in tv shows and movies.  I enjoy being called mate.  Green peppers are actually capsicum.

10) Postcard-worthy pictures… everywhere.

Tannum Sands Beach

Tannum Sands Beach

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Great Barrier Reef

Part of the Great Barrier Reef


1770, Queensland

Manly Beach

Manly Beach

In Australia, what I learned the most is the importance of adjusting your schedule to achieve maximum Sun exposure on a daily basis.  I learned to be flexible and prioritize what is truly important, which is to enjoy life as much as possible.  That is the true reason for existence, and I cannot be more grateful for my great Australian lesson.

And finally…Bonus #11) All the beds are on wheels…what is up with that?!




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